SONY FW-100BZ40J (profesionální displej 100")

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Profesionální displej Android TV - bez vestavěného tuneru, 253cm, 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, 4× HDMI, 2× USB, LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple TV, O2 TV, Netflix, HBO Max, Dolby Atmos, DTS, montáž na stěnu VESA 600x400, podpora VRR, ALLM

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Supreme picture quality in our largest screen size

Treat your audience to sumptuously rich, larger-than-life visuals with the BRAVIA FW-100BZ40J. Beautifully styled to make an impressive statement in boardrooms, showrooms, lobbies and living spaces, this 100″ professional display is bursting with the latest Sony picture technologies to deliver unforgettable 4K HDR images.


Intelligently designed for business

BRAVIA FW-100BZ40J features our new-generation Cognitive Processor XR™ that simultaneously cross-analyses thousands of separate picture elements to create intensely immersive imaging experiences. With generous networking, control and customisation possibilities, our largest BRAVIA display integrates seamlessly into corporate spaces, retail environments – and anywhere you need to create the ultimate visual connection with viewing audiences.


Spectacular brightness and contrast

With a peak brightness of 940cd/m² (600cd/m² typical), 100″ BRAVIA delivers outstandingly bright, clear images in any business space or home interior. Ideal for presenting 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, the advanced panel design features Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) that reveals subtle detail in bright highlights and areas of dark shadow.


Cognitive Processor XR™

The world’s first picture processor with cognitive intelligence understands how humans really see the world. 100″ BRAVIA with Cognitive Processor XR™ opens up a whole new viewing experience that immerses you even more deeply in the scene.


Discover an even wider palette of beautifully natural colours with extended hue and saturation, vivid shades and realistic textures.

Cognitive Processor XR™ accesses vast amounts of picture data, intelligently recreating lost details and texture with upscaled image sources.

XR Motion Clarity™ analyses scene data to ensure on-screen action stays smooth, bright and clear without blur, even in fast-moving scenes.

With XR Contrast Booster bright areas are brighter and dark areas darker, adding depth to scenes without lost highlights or shadow details.


Professional mode

BRAVIA makes doing business easier than ever. Disable input or remote control functions, remove labels and block buttons to avoid tampering when the screen’s being used in public spaces. Customise and store display settings, then copy them easily from display to display via USB flash memory.


Flexible content layout with HTML5

In-built support for HTML5 lets you use BRAVIA to display interactive signage content without needing a dedicated set-top box, media player or PC. On-screen content can be freely laid out using 4K video, still images or even with the HDMI input.


More connectivity and control options

It’s easy to integrate BRAVIA into eye-catching digital signage and other systems. Connectivity options in corporate environments and public spaces are widened with remote control over IP networks (wired/wireless LAN), or via RS-232C serial communication protocols.


Easy integration

BRAVIA is made for today’s connected world. There’s seamless support for today’s leading AV networking, home automation and control platforms, while open APIs provide limitless integration opportunities with other vendor solutions.


Apple AirPlay and Chromecast built-in

Easily mirror content onto your BRAVIA professional display with Apple AirPlay or Chromecast built-in plus support for 5GHz Wi-Fi connection.


Essential for digital signage

We’ve paid attention to the finer details, so BRAVIA FW-100BZ40J fits beautifully into environments where you want to impress audiences with big, beautiful digital signage.


The Sony logo is positioned on the top right side of the display bezel, eliminating unsightly ‘sideways logos’ when BRAVIA is used in portrait orientation.


The four-sided uniform bezel ensures that BRAVIA always looks its best, whether the display’s mounted in landscape or portrait orientation.


A practical cable clamper ensures connections for AC power, HDMI and other cables are neatly managed.


Enjoy extra mobility with the professional display’s supplied carrying handle that simplifies transportation.


Use BRAVIA around the clock in business environments, without the risk of overheating or reliability issues.


With BRAVIA, sustainability in every scene

With growing demand for ever larger display screens, there is also the risk of greater resource and energy use. However, Sony’s sustainability commitments are realising efficiency gains from product development right through to watching TV and viewing screens.



Modelový rok 2021
Velikost obrazovky 100" (253cm)
WiFi Ano
Tunery Bez tuneru
Typ displeje LED
Frekvence displeje - nativní 100Hz
Rozlišení - jemnost obrazu 4K - 3840 x 2160 px
Barva rámečku Černá
Operační systém Android TV
Podsvícení obrazovky Direct LED - diody za obrazovkou
Duální tuner Ne
Bluetooth audio (bluetooth sluchátka) Ano
Kompatibilní s Apple Apple TV, AirPlay 2, HomeKit