4217 MagEase Magnetic 1/4 Effect Black Mist Filter Kit (52mm)

Zboží nemáme fyzicky skladem na prodejně a je vždy zasíláno přepravní službou. Typická doba dodání zboží skladem je 7 pracovních dní.

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Skladom - tovar je dostupný k odoslaniu

Softens high light intensity and lowers the contrast and sharpness of your shot, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere without losing shadow detail. It is magnetic and can securely attached to SmallRig magnetic filter adapter ring. Viac

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SmallRig 4217 MagEase Magnetic 1/4 Effect Black Mist Filter Kit (52mm)

By delicately softening people's skin, this item can retouch your image in portrait photography in a natural-looking way.

Effect densities are commonly available in 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 for varying levels of diffusion.

Made of German Schott B270i HD glass, the filter features waterproof, stain-resistant, mildewproof, and scratch-resistant AR coatings, with less color cast, as well as a CNC-machined ultra-thin frame.

No vignetting even in shooting using an ultra-wide angle lens

SmallRig Φ52mm magnetic filter adapter ring (3840, 3845 and 4219)

Package Includes:
1x Black Mist Filter
1x Clean Cloth
1x Storage Case

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